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Sustainability and SMEs – Myths & Business Benefits by Business and IP Centre Sheffield

This seminar is designed to help decision makers in small organisations gain greater insights into sustainability and understand how sustainability can bring business benefits. It will cover some myths as well as share easy to follow tips and strategies to improve sustainability in small organisations.

This 1 hour seminar will cover:

*Sustainability -definition, key pillars, interpretation


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Lean Agile Glasgow: Morning Lean Coffee

Morning Lean Coffee ( is an open opportunity to discuss Lean and Agile ideas, challenges and solutions with people across organisations but with similar issues and goals.

Everyone is welcome and we usually have a good mix of people from different backgrounds so if you have something you'd like to talk about, or you just want to listen and learn, then please join us.

We will...

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Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp: Exploring The Future of Talent

In Exploring The Future of Talent, business leaders from the technology and data industries will be discussing the changing shape of their industries.

Alongside taking questions from the audience, the panel will be discussing their areas of the whitepaper in-depth, including how to attract and retain top talent, how to navigate Brexit. leading businesses with purpose and creating diverse and inclusive...

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